Poppy, NYC

Full-length screenplay

The art of finding love, oneself, and most importantly, an apartment in Manhttan.

When 22-year-old Jiya Sheshadri leaves her rural hometown of Poppy, Virginia for the big city to realize her dream of becoming a Broadway actress, she struggles with diminishing funds, transient friends and an eroding sense of self.

Six Degrees of Desperation

Full-length screenplay

Move Over, Kevin Bacon: there's a new game in town.

When thirty-two year-old Josie Villarosa, a talented but struggling artist makes the obligatory visit home to Toledo, Ohio for Thanksgiving, her world can't get anymore bleak. But when she learns that her high school best friend's sister's fiance's best man is the son of Meryl Streep, her idol, she knows it's time to make magic. She is determined to get invited to the wedding, meet Henry Gummer and make him (and Meryl) hers.

Canary Cloud

Full-length screenplay

Life unspoken.

Three lives of South Asian females intersect; a first- generation twelve-year-old who hates her body, her mother and her life; her immigrant mother who is homesick for her native India while "living the dream" in an isolating America; and her recently widowed cousin in India who must remarry to save face, her family and her future.