Simply Cindy

A six-year-old battles paratas vs. PB&Js, saris vs sweaters, and brown eyes vs blue.


Chicago’s Teatro Vista (October 2013)
Chicago Dramatists (February 2014)
New Bedford’s Culture Park Theatre (November 2014)

Eggs in the Purple Car(ton)

At the intersection of Noyes and Central, 40 and fertility, reality and imaginary.


Ithaca’s Little Black Dress Production (May 2014)
LA Fringe Festival finalist (June 2014)
Seattle’s LG Theater (June 2015)


Wheel-of-Fortune addicts clash with their free-wheeling, first-generation daughter.


Chicago Dramatists (February 2015)
Minneapolis’ Upbound Theater (March 2015)
Alaska’s Play Lab of Last Frontier Theater Conference (June 2015)
Chicago's Landmark Theater - finalist (June 2015)
New Mexico's Fusion Theater - finalist (June 2015)


West clashes with East when first-generation adult siblings ask their immigrant senior parents to get a divorce.


Northwestern University (February 2015)
Fresh Produce'd LA (November 2015)                                                                                Actor's Theater of Charlotte - nuVoices Festival - finalist (November  2015)