Simply Cindy

A six-year-old battles paratas vs. PB&Js, saris vs sweaters, and brown eyes vs blue.


Chicago’s Teatro Vista (October 2013)
Chicago Dramatists (February 2014)
New Bedford’s Culture Park Theatre (November 2014)

Eggs in the Purple Car(ton)

At the intersection of Noyes and Central, 40 and fertility, real and imaginary.


Ithaca’s Little Black Dress Production (May 2014)
LA Fringe Festival finalist (June 2014)
Seattle’s LG Theater (June 2015)


Post-abortion, an Indian American woman writhes in the pain on the family couch, flanked by her oblivious immigrant parents as they practice their English to Wheel-of-Fortune.


Chicago Dramatists (February 2015)
Minneapolis’ Upbound Theater (March 2015)
Alaska’s Play Lab of Last Frontier Theater Conference (June 2015)
Chicago's Landmark Theater - finalist (June 2015)
New Mexico's Fusion Theater - finalist (June 2015)                                                                CT’s Ivoryton Playhouse – finalist (November 2016)                                                          Broads' Word Ensemble - LA reading (October 2017)                                                        Clutch Productions' EmpowHER series - NYC reading (December 2017)


First-generation Indian American siblings ask their immigrant senior parents to get a divorce so they can house them in their sunset years, thereby performing their cosmic duty without reliving their parents' dysfunctional marriage.


Northwestern University (February 2015)
Fresh Produce'd LA (November 2015)                                                                                  Actor's Theater of Charlotte - nuVoices Festival - finalist (November  2015)                        LA’s Fresh Produce Theater – Staged Reading (November 2015)
Play Penn Conference – Finalist (March 2016)                                                                        The Colonial Players –Finalist from 212 submissions (April 2017)
O’Neill Conference – semi-finalist (February 2017)
NYC’s Joust Theatre – Finalist (January 2017) Athena Reads Series - Selected (July 2019)


What happens when you strive for you become the best version of yourself or the least content version of anyone? At the intersection of girl and woman, young and old and possible and past, our protagonist Nina Rao confronts this conundrum...with life-changing results. 


Bootleg Theatre - Moving Arts' MadLab Playwright fellowship (October 2017) Shogun Theatre - Play Reading Series (October 2018)