Juna Luna


When international anti-trafficking director Juna Luna butts heads with her boss on disclosing the corrupt practices of a government civic program for sex workers, she puts her job, reputation and life on the line. As she closes in on the case, she realizes that there is no absolute truth, there is no categorical good and that there is no definitive solution.

The Good Life


When thirty year old Ceru(lean) Detts returns home to Bruining, Nebraska after trying to make it big in Los Angeles, she can't shake her past. Her alcoholic father, her submissive mother and her wayward brother haunt her. Until she takes matters into her own hands. She flips roles in her professional life and goes from being the auditioner to the auditionee. As a talent agent, she begins booking individuals, animals and inanimate objects for new world that surrounds her. And no one does it better than the first lass of Nebraska.



When Regina escapes from prison and seeks refuge at the Plunkett household, Bonnie and Christy butt heads on what to do. Meanwhile, when Baxter refuses to support Roscoe in his audition for the school play, Violet is forced to step in and learn the real reason behind Baxter’s declination.

Bob's Burgers


When Bob and Linda butt heads on how to celebrate their upcoming anniversary, the kids fear the worst: DIVORCE. As they scheme to rekindle their parents' flame, they realize that a divorce may be a blessing...more gifts, more attention and more freedom. As they regroup, Bob learns of their scheming and gets Linda to join him in having the last laugh.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


When Dennis crosses paths with some Wharton grads, he identifies a new target market for Paddy's: meth addicts. Meanwhile, a flu-ridden Charlie posts an ad on Craig's List for a mom. When the gang's endeavors collide, it's every man (and Sweet Dee) for himself.